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How long does the treatment take?

Creating a shape you love during the first consultation takes as long as it takes. Once the treatment commences it takes between 45-90mins. Six to eight weeks later the second session is performed in order to perfect the colour & shape, this appointment will require less time.

How does the treatment feel?

Throughout the treatment I will apply a topical gel; the treated area will become increasingly numb throughout the treatment. The sensation most describe is a mildly uncomfortable scratch and furthermore some patients continue to describe the remainder of the treatment as surprisingly very comfortable.

Is the treatment safe?

The pigment I shall be using for your treatment is hypoallergenic and has never caused anyone to have an allergy in the products’ history. Nonetheless, a patch test will be performed before every treatment, this can be sent to you in the post if necessary or performed at the consultation. All equipment is sterile & all instruments disposable.

How long does the pigment remain in the skin?

Pigment can last anywhere from one year to forever; depending on many factors. Influential factors include your age & lifestyle which directly correlate with how quickly your skin rejuvenates & causes the pigment to fade. Your faces’ exposure to the elements, especially the sun, can speed the rate at which the pigment fades.

When will I need the treatment done again?

The pigment typically fades between a one & two year period. Like many beauty treatments; once you can see & appreciate the difference the treatment has made to your appearance, it is likely you will want to have a colour boosting treatment every one to two years. The price is reduced if a top up treatment is performed within one year.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

The skin can be a little sore and mildly tender, although quickly subsides. Clients claim they feel as if your make up is especially bold in the treatment area for the following 5 days. This is to be expected and will always heal significantly less vibrant once completely healed. ​

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