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2 HRS |  £295 - £345

Lips are the most animated and sensual part of the face. A beautiful set of lips can divert your attention from an individuals’ eyes when they are talking. Women have increasingly desired fuller and more defined lips. Unfortunately as we age, volume & definition is lost and lips become paler.

A permanent lip treatment provides perfect symmetry to the cupids bow and lower lip line. The treatment is effective in creating a plumper, more youthful appearance, enhancing contours and providing the whole lip with blush colour. Add a touch of lip gloss and you will have kissable lips all day long, bursting with colour.

Lip Contouring:

Lip Contour or lip liner is a permanent makeup technique that improves symmetry, creates definition & replaces lost pigment from scarring. Clients who have scars on their lips can have the pigment replaced by lip pigment enhancement. This is also beneficial to disguise & improve a cleft lip scar. Mature clients find lip colour & definition decreases with age & a permanent tint/colour boost can restore the lip, making it appear more youthful.

Lip Volume:

Increasing the volume in lips with injectable products is increasingly popular, however the lip line & lip shape can become blurred or uneven as a result. Permanent make up can restore a defined outer lip line & correct any loss of shape. Tattooing pigment on top of the vermillion border will provide the appearance of a fuller lip without the need for injectables.

Lip Blush 3.jpg


Various shading methods are used to create the illusion of fullness and definition for your lips. It can be used to correct asymmetry, add depth and dimension, or simply enhance your natural lip colour. Most clients will choose a full lip colour as it is the go to complete lip package.

This can be created in a wide range of colours & blended to your choosing. As with traditional topical makeup; skillful shading of darker colour on the outer edge of the lip & cooler or paler colour in the centre creates an illusion of a fuller, more vibrant dewy lip.

This treatment is great for those who have patchy purple or pink toned lips and need more definition around the edge of their lip. Jemma will work with your natural undertone to neutralise that first, in turn adding a suitable shade so you wake up looking lovely, and with a full blush effect! It's not designed to replicate lipstick colours but rather give an enhanced appearance- one which can be enjoyed at all times without worrying.


Individual, customised shades of lip blush are available to enhance any complexion and preference. Whether it’s a subtle or bold look; Jemma will find the perfect match for you! The treatment can last years, however colour boost treatments are normally desired every 1-2 years to restore the vibrancy of colour. At the colour boost appointment it is possible to change the shade as the colour will layer with future applications.

Latest advancements in cosmetic tattooing mean that you can now have non transferable lip colour for all occasions without having to apply lipstick. This is accomplished through pigment being deposited into the lip with a formation of needles. Engineered by the advanced permanent make up tattoo machine, whilst the lips are numbed throughout the treatment making the sensation very comfortable.

Lip Blush 1.jpg

Some people may experience mild swelling for a few hours following treatment but this is uncommon & will soon subside. The colour is especially bold when the treatment is first performed & during healing the lip will reveal the embedded true colour beneath.

Lip Blush 2 linercontour.jpg


The process begins with a consultation with Jemma. During this time, the shape, size, and colour of your lips will be analysed in order to achieve the most complementary look. After numbing cream is applied to your lips, Jemma will then use a very fine formation of needles to deposit pigment into the dermis layer of your skin. This is done in a methodical & artistic way, creating richer saturation on the outer lip & less concentrated colour in the centre of the lip providing the illusion fuller lips.

Your permanent makeup appointment will include numbing gel for comfort, followed by mapping out the lip shape. The next step is to custom-blend the perfect shade for the your skin tone and desired look.

After that, the semi-permanent makeup process begins with a very fine needle to deposit pigment into thedermis layer of your skin. You can

expect the treatment time to last 2-2.5 hours including design & numbing time. The results require a healing process & aftercare routine but

it will be comfortable & oh so worth it! Unlike traditional lipstick, you will never have to worry about it smudgingor rubbing off.


Lip tattooing can enhance the appearance of your lips in many ways. It can add definition, fullness, and colour to your lips. It can also help to correct asymmetry and improve the overall symmetry of your face.

If you have ever wanted fuller, more defined lips, then permanent lip makeup is perfect for you. Jemma can give you the appearance of having had a lip augmentation without the requirement for filler.

If you are concerned about losing natural lip colour as you age, this cosmetic procedure can also help to combat this. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, which can lead to a loss of volume in the lips. Permanent lip makeup can help to restore lost volume and give you back your youthful appearance.



Lasting beauty and natural lip colour are what you can expect from permanent lip colouring. It's an effective treatment that has been updated and improved with pigment and techniques. It's popularity is on the rise & increasingly in demand as many more women learn what is possible. You need never touch up your lip colour again after every snack or drink break!

If you're interested in finding out more about our permanent cosmetic tattoo services in East Sussex, contact Jemma today to schedule a consultation!

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Lip Blush 2 linercontour.jpg
Lip Blush 1.jpg
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