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2 HRS |  £275 - £325

Undoubtedly eyebrows frame the face; they open up the eye area and benefit expression greatly. Many women have sparse, fair, thin or uneven eyebrows and many women painstakingly draw them in every day.

The benefit of a permanent/semi permanent brow is the time saved each & every morning, after a gym session or swimming, essentially never having to worry in any situation that your brows will have rubbed away. For many brows affect their confidence and this treatment can be life changing.



Nanobrow is an advanced tiny blade hand tool technique for permanent make-up brow procedures; it uses a fine series of needles in a hand tool to mimic the thin diameter and dimension of real hair. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing, but it is not as deep as conventional tattoos as you are only treating the top layer of the skin; healing in the upper dermis.

The benefit of such a fine treatment is to create ultra realism brows, this skill will fill & replace missing hair from sparse or balding brows. Often alopecia sufferers or clients following chemotherapy would like to get back the appearance they have lost & not dramatically change their appearance.

The pain free brow created for each client is completely unique to the individuals’ contours and skin tone. The colour and shape will be bespoke to you, the clients cosmetic end result is paramount. Not one brow fits all clients, please take a look at Jemmas portfolio of work you will clearly see the variety of styles & techniques she uses to engineer bespoke, timeless brows for everyone.

Jemma will provide her certified knowledge & experience when creating the perfect brow, however at every step it is paramount to discuss & for Jemma to understand your cosmetic preferences & ultimately what you want them to look like.

Jemmas' training enables advanced skill in the various permanent make up techniques required to achieve different style brows. We will discuss whether hair stroke simulation, powdering, or ombre colour is more suitable for your desired result during your consultation, often whilst you are numbing. All treatments are geometrically measured & mapped with pencil markings demonstrate to you the form & pigment mixed to show you what the shade will look like.

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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique where pigment is implanted into your skin with a manual handheld blade tool instead of a machine. This method of implanting pigment is much less invasive than traditional permanent makeup methods, and it creates very fine natural-looking hair strokes. Microblading can create arches in straight eyebrows, add tails to brows where they are missing & immediately create hairs via hairstrokes to the front of brows.

Many ladies over plucked their eyebrows in the 80s & 90s & for many their brows never grew back. You can have those missing brow hairs replaced with realistic hair simulation. The colour will be an exact match to your actual brow hairs & the results are often immediately indistinguishable from real hair. Realism is created by mimicking the direction of natural hair growth, artistry & advanced skill is required to emulate this complex structure & individual pattern. The closer the hair stokes are placed together the darker & more concentrated the brows look.


Various terms & descriptions for a different style of permanent eyebrow are powder brow, shaded brow or ombre brow. All of these styles are performed using the tattoo machine & emulate traditional make up. The resulting appearance is as if you have applied a cream or powder makeup to the brow. It is a bolder, more striking & can be darker end result & more suitable for those who are not seeking a natural bare faced result.

Jemma uses the industry leading Flux mini permanent make up tattoo wand in harmony with Tina Davies exceptional needle cartridges & pigments to create her wow brows. She will always be found using the most up to date & advanced needles & pigments available globally. The technological advancements in the Industry are fast paced & constantly evolving for perfection. Tina Davies has led the industry with research in pursuit of the truest colour pigments when healed beneath the skins surface.

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Another option for those who want a natural fluffy brow is hair simulation, or otherwise known as realism brow & is machine created stroke brows. This involves using a tattoo machine to deposit pigment in a clever formation following the brows spine & hair direction to create a full looking natural brow. This method of creating strokes or “hair-like” effect is better suited to certain skin types. You can be sure that Jemma will take the time to understand your desired dream brow & advise the best technique to achieve it.


Ombre is a machine created technique which blends pigment embedded in the skin from a rich concentrated colour to light shading. Often a brow is shaded in a crisp & defined way at the tail & gradually less dense towards the front (bulb) of the brow. Alternatively in a gradient of concentrated colour at the bottom of the brow to a lighter more pixelated shade on top.

An ombre brow choice may be better suited to an individual for which hair simulation would be too subtle. If you always use a pencil or powder to make up your eyebrow & would hate to leave the house without this can be a dream time & stress saving solution for you. As with all of the styles available the choice of colours & bespoke blends is vast & Jemma will tailor to your desired brow.


If you want the best of both worlds – the natural look of microblading/machine hair simulation with a little extra oomph background colour; combination brows may be for you! This eyebrow tattoo technique combines fluffy hair strokes at the front of the brow and powder shading pigment through the body of the brow to give you a natural brows look with a little more definition and fullness.


Your brows are important and Jemma wants to help you make them look their best! Jemma can create a style that's perfect for your unique facial features.

Whether you're looking to fill in your sparse eyebrows or achieve the perfect arch, Jemma can help. Jemmas' semi permanent makeup has become this decade's beauty trend because it provides natural-looking results with effortless long lasting results.

Treatments are pain free as a result of the use of topical numbing gel or numbing cream applied before the treatment & during tattooing. You need to trust your technician, ensure the treatment is explained to you, know what it involves, understand how it will look immediately after strokes are created & how it will look once healed. Aftercare & the healing process is very important, Jemma will discuss aftercare with you & provide you with an aftercare kit ensuring the safest most effective healing process.


Jemma is so passionate about what she does that she gifts eyebrow treatments every month in a scheme born from the love for what she does & her desire to help. "I BROW 4U" means Jemma gifts eyebrows every month to a lady; who as a result of a medical condition has lost her brows. Most commonly ladies who have undergone chemotherapy to beat cancer or who have alopecia. This does not exclude other conditions; for example Jemma has gifted brows to a lady with MS who is in a wheelchair & unable to apply make up. If you would like her help or know someone in need of this precious confidence boosting gift please do get in touch.

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