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Lash Enhancement & Eyeliner

  • 2 hours
  • £295 - £345
  • Shoreham-by-Sea

Service Description

Eyes are the most focused area of the face during every interaction we have. Your eyes have the ability to communicate and regrettably, smudged, flawed make up doesn’t communicate the best message or present you at your best. Un-kept makeup around the eye can make you appear tired and less presentable. This affects all of my clients, even the best make up application can smudge preventing you from looking and feeling your most confident. This treatment greatly benefits glasses and contact lens wearers or those who have sensitive eyes and struggle with the daily application. The eyeliner I will create can be fine, medium or bold depending on how subtle or striking you wish the result to be. Beautiful, crisp and precision eyeliner opens up the eye and gives the impression of a fuller lash line Permanent & Waterproof Eyeliner Artist East Sussex UK, Why is the Permanent Eyeliner solution in trend? Achieving perfect eyeliner can be tricky, especially when it comes down to precision; for a long-wearing eyeliner, you need a lot of luck. Even though eyeliner tattoos have been around for decades, the services offered by Jemma Jarman are exceptional. She uses advanced techniques to give your eyes natural-looking results. You can get the perfect eyeliner in just one appointment. This treatment will permanently replace the need to wear eyeliner every day. Using the tattooing technique, we apply the ink along with the lash line to create the appearance of the eyeliner you want. Get easy access to the permanent Eyeliner solution in East Sussex in the UK Jemma Jarman is the permanent Makeup artist who is holding several permanent make-up clinics in East Sussex, UK. She believes permanent makeup is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a convenient alternative to traditional makeup. Permanent make-up or permanent cosmetics work by impregnation of the coloured pigments into the skin through the help of tiny microneedles. A customer is free to choose the colour of the hypoallergenic pigments, and once it is applied, it will appear just like traditional make-up. How to prepare for the permanent eyeliner tattoo appointment? If you are considering permanent eyeliner, then you should consider having a consultation with a professional artist to weigh your options and learn more about our services. There are a few styles for your selection, and once you have made the selection, you can move forward with the treatment.

Contact Details

  • Shoreham-by-Sea, UK


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