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microneedling skin rejuventation Brighton Jemma Jarman



A toxin-free organic optimal anti-ageing solution.

Microneedling is a revolutionary skin perforation technique that is the latest breakthrough in youthful skin rejuvenation. Microneedling actually creates thousands of microscopic channels in the skin, which allows for multiple layers of ingredients to be delivered into these tiny holes and then absorbed directly into your skin. This triggers your body’s wound-healing response and helps to improve skin issues like wrinkles, stretch marks & scars.
Microneedling also stimulates collagen production, which can increase your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides an excellent alternative to chemical peels and laser resurfacing, which can be painful & expensive. Microneedling has also been proven to be effective in safely minimising acne scars and stretch marks. As well as reversing sun damage (age spots), fine lines, wrinkles, melasma and hyperpigmentation.


Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used type of serum for micro-needling because it is naturally produced throughout the body & packed with hydration. Peptides and ceramides are also excellent choices & depending on the skin's concern treatment is adapted. You will be advised to avoid anything stringent or acidic including; retinoids, vitamin C or anything that contains AHA or BHA for 5 days following treatment.   Microneedling has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of achieving glowing skin and the removal of unwanted scarring (including acne scars and stretch marks). Microneedling offers a life-long solution without any downtime, side effects or pain.   Improving skin elasticity, stimulating collagen production and reducing fine lines. The results are visibly noticeable after the very first session, with full effects taking place over several months, treatments are performed 3-4 weeks apart.   Microneedling is an effective procedure for reducing the depth, length, and width of wrinkles on the face and neck. This treatment also helps improve skin texture by stimulating collagen and elastin production as well as promoting healthy new cell growth. By creating tiny trauma wounds the healing process is activated and collagen production is stimulated.   The amount of treatments will be determined by the skin concern, for example, to reduce the the appearance of stretch marks or acne scars; a course of 4-6 sessions may be recommended.   Alternatively; for microneedling used to rejuvenate your skin & manage the signs of ageing; it will be desirable to incorporate appointments into your aesthetic commitments. Many claim they have reduced the frequency of anti wrinkle injections since routinely having microneedling.

microneedling pore minimising Brighton Jemma Jarman


  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

  • Refines large pores.

  • Helps products penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

  • Sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy.

  • Rejuvenates and firms the skin.

  • Brightens the skin

  • Plumps up thin skin.

  • Minimises stretch marks.

  • Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation.

  • Decreases rosacea.

  • Can help to aid with hair restoration.

  • The treatment’s biggest appeal is that it is well-tolerated and comes with minimal downtime normally around 24 to 48 hours.


  • Package of 6 Treatments for £420

  • Package of 4 Treatments for £300

  • Individual treatments £100

  • Is the treatment safe?
    The pigment I shall be using for your treatment is hypoallergenic and has never caused anyone to have an allergic reaction in the products’ history. However to be certain it is safe, a patch test will be performed before every treatment, this can be sent to you in the post or performed in the clinic at the consultation. All of the equipment is sterile & all instruments disposable.
  • How long does the pigment remain in the skin?
    Pigment can last anywhere from one year to forever; depending on many factors. Influential factors include your age & lifestyle which directly correlate with how quickly your skin rejuvenates & causes the pigment to fade. Your exposure to the elements, especially the sun, can speed the rate at which the pigment fades.
  • When will I need the treatment done again?
    The pigment typically fades between a one to two year period. Like many beauty treatments; once you can see & appreciate the difference the treatment has made to your appearance, it is likely you will want to have a colour boosting treatment every one to two years. The price is reduced if a top up treatment is performed within one year.
  • How will I look immediately after the procedure?
    The skin can be a little sore and mildly tender, although quickly subsides. Clients claim they feel as if their make up is especially bold in the treatment area for the following 5 days. This is to be expected and will always heal significantly less vibrant once completely healed.
  • Will my eyebrows be shaved for microblading or powdered brows?
    Do I have to shave my eyebrows off? Not at all. We map out the shape based on facial structure, current brows & improve symmetry of the client's face. Only unwanted hairs outside of the design & not wanted will be removed.
  • What is the different between semi permanent and permanent make up?
    There is no difference. Permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup both refer to exactly the same thing; pigment placed just beneath the dermis (upper layer of the skin), this can be performed in a subtle way that no one would know you have had colour or definition added or applied to simulate regular makeup on the brows, lips or eyeliner.
  • Is semi permanent make up the same as a tattoo?
    Yes it is. Permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing & micropigmentation are all names or different terminology for the same thing.
  • Should I have Microblading or Machine Brows?
    The answer depends on your skin type & age & the result you wish to achieve, I will explain & advise you on which will be best suited to achieve your desired result.
  • How painful is lip blush?
    A topical anaesthetic is applied for 20 minutes to numb your lips. During this time colour will be mixed & discussed, next the lip mapping & design occurs. The treatment is only mildly uncomfortable with some mild scratching possible.
  • Is lip blushing a tattoo?
    Yes. Lip blushing is a type of permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigment into your lips using small needles. This is a cosmetic enhancement to achieve richer colour or greater definition unlike traditional tattoo art.
  • How long does permanent eyeliner last?
    Most eyeliner tattoos will last between 12 and 24 months, however the pigment will fade, so a touch up/colour boost is recommended after 12 months. All skin retains the pigment differently and many factors including medications, skin type and health can determine the speed in which it fades.
  • How painful is getting permanent eyeliner?
    The thought of tattooing the eyelid is far worse than the experience. An effective topical numbing cream is used before treatment. The process requires a tattoo machine embedding ink into the lash line, so it is disconcerting. However once the treatment commences & trust is achieved with a secure stretch of the skin. It is always remarked that it is more comfortable than was expected.
  • Does permanent eyeliner look natural?
    Yes if you opt for a lash enhancement which is created by tattooing tiny dots of ink along your lash line which gives the appearance of fuller lashes. Rather than providing a dramatic look, permanent makeup can look very natural. As with regular topical make up its application can be subtle or bold.
  • How does the treatment feel?
    Throughout the treatment I will apply a topical gel; the treated area will become increasingly numb throughout the treatment. The most describe at the start of the treatment is a mildly uncomfortable scratch, Once the area is fully numb the remainder of the treatment is very comfortable.
microneedling skin tightening, fine line plumping Brighton Jemma Jarman
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