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Eyebrows Microblading
Permanent Solution for Eyebrows

We spend time every morning pencilling and filling in our brows as part of the daily makeup routine, but how great would it be to wake up with beautiful eyebrows already there? With semi permanent tattooing or microblading procedures you can. Saving yourself money by not having to do anything at all other than let Jemma take care of everything.


Why Jemma Jarman Microblading Services?


Jemma creates custom, individualised brows to match each client's unique complexion and face structure. The shape is tailored specifically for them so that the brows look perfect without any guesswork involved!

From microbladed brows to tattoos, Jemma's semi-permanent eyebrow solutions fit all of your needs.

As an experienced aesthetician with extensive training in various techniques, Jemma will help you achieve your dream look in just a few weeks.


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Microbladed Eyebrows:


A procedure that was first discovered thousands of years ago using a super fine microblade and numbing cream to etch lines into the skin that flow in the same direction as your own hairs. It creates the ideal brow look for those who want an extra natural and soft effect in which pigments used are in a higher layer of the skin.

Powder Brows:

If you desire a more solid, filled-in look, powder brows may be for you! This eyebrow makeup involves using a machine to deposit pigment closer to the skin of the brow area.

It's a semi-permanent treatment that gives a powdered effect that can appear slightly more intense than microblading but can still look very natural when done with Vitamin E-rich products and the healing process.

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Stroke Brows:

The third option for those who want a more solid, filled-in look is stroke brows. This involves using a machine to deposit pigment closer to the skin's surface, giving strokes or a “hair-like” effect that can appear slightly more intense than microblading but still look natural when done by a skilled professional.

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Ombre Powder Brows:

If you want the best of both worlds – the natural look of microblading with a little extra oomph – ombré powder brows may be for you! This eyebrow tattoo technique combines microblading and powder to give you a natural look with a little more definition and fullness.

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Your brows are important and Jemma wants to help you make them look their best! With Microblading, Jemma can create a style that's perfect for your unique facial features.

If it would be too much work, or not as subtle an improvement on what is already there - no worries because all treatments at Jemma Jarman come tailored specifically according to the needs of each individual client. While microblading, she ensures you always receive high-quality service from start to finish every time.


Whether you're looking to fill in your eyebrows or achieve the perfect arch, Jemma can help. Her semi-permanent makeup has become one of this decade's beauty trends because it provides natural-looking results with just a few strokes on any skin type!

You'll be able to go out without worrying about making an appearance - she guarantees that no matter what life throws at your cheeks, they will look good as new in minutes.