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2 HRS |  £275 - £345

Eyes are the most focused area of the face during every interaction that we share, they are the window to our soul & have the ability to communicate our emotions.

Eyes also demonstrate how rested we are & smudged, flawed make up does not present you at your best. Un-kept makeup around the eye can make you appear tired and less pristine. Jemma can solve this for you permanently.

A permanent eyeliner greatly benefits clients who wear glasses or contact lenses or those who have sensitive eyes & struggle or are irritated by daily application & cleansing.


Eyeliner treatments can be fine, medium or bold depending on how subtle or striking you wish the result to be. Beautiful, crisp & precise eyeliner opens up the eye making you appear more alert and provides a fuller lash line.

Tattooed eyeliner is a permanent makeup procedure that involves using a needle configuration & pigment to create permanent/semi-permanent eyeliner. The results can be natural-looking or striking & often last for several years. Jemma performs various bespoke tattoo eyeliner treatments such as:

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smokey eyeliner.png

Jemma uses uniquely blended or diluted pigment for any shading surrounding the eye. Black, brown & moss green are popular colour choices for pixelated depth of colour & style. This stunning popular smokey eyeliner style is created with an advanced whip shading technique. Pigment is blended seamlessly around the individuals eye parameters. Jemma ensures the wing flick is super fine & precision crisp, only applied as wide as the natural eye crease to ensure the style will timelessly suit you.


A subtle lash enhancement is created by implanting microdots of ink in between your lashes & along the lash line, the fewer passes of ink embedded into the skin the more subtle the enhancement. The effect of this tiny series of dots or very fine line is that the root of the eyelashes looks more dense & therefore fuller. This treatment can be performed so very subtly that make up is undetectable & instead you appear to have fuller & thicker eyelashes.
Lash Enhancement.png


If you prefer a more defined eyeliner this can be performed at a slower speed; embedding ink more consistently generates concentrated saturation of ink. For a bolder, more dynamic look, you can choose between a medium thickness or thick liner which is applied employing various techniques & movement to achieve layering of pigment along your lash line & up the lid to create the desired thickness. Both the lash enhancement & permanent eyeliner can be applied to both your upper and lower eyelids, for some the bottom is advisable for balance, for others it is not necessary & aesthetically more pleasing on the top only.
Eyeliner 3.jpg
Eyeliner flick 1.jpg


It is imperative to approach a winged eyeliner with caution, ink can bleed beneath the skins’ surface, appearing like pooled ink. This can easily be avoided with skill & knowledge of the safe parameters. Jemma will always advise the client what is possible without any risk.

Pixelated shading can be performed in a contrasting colour of your choice this is performed with diluted pigment & advanced shading technique to achieve the beautiful blend. Jemma will always take time to discuss & advise you on a style & colour that compliments your features & style perfectly.

This semi-permanent makeup treatment is perfect for busy ladies who don’t have time to apply eyeliner on a daily basis. Ladies who want their eyeliner to remain flawless with every run, gym visit, in every meeting & wish to always wake up with confidence.


Jemma's eyeliner tattoo is the perfect solution for anyone who wants their eyes to stand out. The precision of these treatments is incredible, no pencil or liquid eyeliner could replicate the precision acheived by needle performed by an expert. Look flawless without & save time, hassle free!

Jemma uses varied advanced techniques to give your eyes natural-looking results. Perfect eyeliner is possible in just one appointment, the second session is provided as an opportunity to tweak & perfect any areas of pigment that may not have held as concentrated colour, it is also an opportunity to go bolder for some clients.

Jemma will often be heard saying you can always add more, enabling that trust between her & her client to build between treatments & in turn guarantee satisfaction. This treatment will permanently replace the need to apply eyeliner every day, often Jemmas' clients remark they now forget mascara as it is no longer essential.

Jemma believes permanent makeup is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a convenient time saving alternative to traditional makeup. In this modern world 'done for you' is possible & this is something you will wish you had done years previously.

Permanent make-up or permanent cosmetics work by implanting coloured pigments into the skin through the help of tiny microneedles. A customer is free to choose the colour of the hypoallergenic pigments, and once it is applied, it will appear just like traditional make-up.

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