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Permanent eyebrow tattoo


powder brow reveal pmu


Permanent make up is one of a few descriptions for ink embedded into the dermis of the skin that resembles freshly & professionally applied topical make up. It is also referred to as semi permanent make up & tattooed make up.

Whilst it is true that the ink will fade over time many variables affect how quickly to what degree it will fade. Permanent make up prevents misleading a client as it is impossible to guarantee that over time the embedded ink will disappear completely.


  • Age

  • How quickly your skin rejuvenates.

  • Lifestyle including outdoor activities exposed to sun & other elements.

  • Skin care routine & beauty treatments.

  • Immune response & or medications.

A tattoo can mimic eyeliner or lipstick, or it can darken and create the appearance of thicker eyebrows. The other popular terms are referring to the technique used & style in which the treatment is performed.

Microblading eyebrows
microblading hand tool

Microblading uses a hand tool not a machine & is used primarily to create hair simulation, only used for eyebrows. It can replicate missing or sparse hair, add density of colour, width or height to client's brow. I use Tina Davies microblades as detailed here.

Eyeliner 3_edited.jpg


A tattoo machine can also be used for permanent make up brow procedures; more commonly but not exclusively the machine wand creates powder shaded brows, a result called ombre or combination brows. A combination brow commonly has stroke work (hair simulation or feathering) plus shaded areas for density of colour. This is generally a border, dynamic resulting appearance. I will ascertain your goal & preferences in order to create your bespoke brows based on your skin type & desired result. All elements will be discussed, guided & mutually agreed upon.

A  machine is always  used for permanent lip colour/blushing, lip contouring or lip liner & fine or bold eyeliner. Other terms include lash enhancement which is a fine liner at the base of the lashes resulting in a subtle but effective method to make lashes appear fuller in an eye opening style. Alternatively different thickness eye liner can be created & small flick detail in the outer corner of the eye if desired. The Microbeau Flux Mini tattoo machine is one of the industry leading tools & my go to preferred tattoo wand. This machine paired with Tina Davis needle cartridges guarantees the desired flawless results I demand with every treatment.


Your first appointment will take 2 hours. Creating a shape that you love, one that is timeless & bespoke to you is paramount before the first treatment. Brow mapping will be performed measuring the contours of your face & creating brows that are geometrically correct for the contours of your face. At the stage any adjustments to balance the brows & correct symmetry will be designed & mutually agreed.

Once the treatment commences it takes between 60 - 90 mins.  Six to eight weeks later the second session is performed in order to tweak & perfect the colour & shape is necessary, this appointment generally takes 90 mins.

Lip blush Jemma Jarman

Fast becoming the destination for all Permanent Makeup Treatments in Sussex. Jemma adapts to the clients needs; offering bespoke cosmetic tattoo treatments for Eyebrows, Powder or Ombre Brow, Microblading, Eyeliner, or Lash Enhancement, otherwise referred to as Semi-Permanent Make Up, Micro - pigmentation or reconstructive tattooing.

Lip Contouring, Lip liner correction & Full Lip blush artistry is fast becoming as popular as Brow & Eyeliner requests with many seeking alternative ways to enhance & add volume to Lips without injections in Brighton.


Choose any two treatments of Permanent Make Up: Eyebrows, Lips or Eyeliner for £575

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