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Your Complete Guide to Permanent Makeup in Brighton by Jemma Jarman.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Whilst permanent make up is an ever growing industry, many are still unaware of all the possibilities & advantages. I will share with you what is available to you & why so many consider it a confidence boosting, time saving life hack.

Firstly what is permanent make up?

Permanent makeup is the term used to describe cosmetic facial tattooing, the use of which was developed and advanced to help restore features following medical conditions such as alopecia, cleft lip scarring or hair loss following chemotherapy. Any condition which has caused the individual to desire restoration of a feature. This extends to affected motor skills where individuals find it increasingly difficult to apply make up.

The skill & artistry of pmu has soared in recent years with industry leaders sharing knowledge & developing technique & tools. The demand for non medical aesthetic treatments has grown especially due to over plucked eyebrows & many seeking a fuller brow. In addition it has proven widely popular for ladies who desire a more defined lip shape, or who have lost definition as a result of ageing or dermal filler. Demand for lash enhancements or eyeliner is especially popular for individuals with sensitive eyes, active in sport, or with reduced eyesight.

The industry has exploded with many realising the time that can be saved by waking each day with your make up already applied. The frustrations of applying make up well each day are common; the choice to have it applied with precision & it remain flawless at all times is desirable.

This article will discuss the many benefits of semi-permanent makeup and what to expect when getting it done. So whether you're considering getting permanent makeup or want to learn more about it, keep reading!

Permanent makeup can be used for a variety of purposes:

Save time in the morning:

Permanent makeup can save you the time and effort of applying your daily makeup. It's ideal for busy professionals or those with active lifestyles who don't have time to devote to a lengthy beauty routine.

Good for people with makeup allergies:

If you are allergic to makeup, this can be a great way to achieve the results you want without having to worry about reactions. I recommend visiting an experienced permanent makeup artist for desired results, as with all cosmetic procedures research, reviews & recommendation are essential.

Enhance facial features:

Permanent makeup is used to enhance eyebrows, eyes & lips. Eyebrows can be treated using various techniques & many terms are used to describe the styles available to you.

Microblading uses a hand tool to emulate hair & is performed in a pattern to create realism. In addition the tattoo machine can be used in combination to add shading to the brow for depth of colour. A bolder brow can be created using just the machine for hair strokes, other terms commonly used are powder, shaded or ombre brow. The method used depends on the individuals skin type & desired result, an experience technician will guide you to what best suits your requirement.

An eyelash enhancement is a very fine eyeliner positioned in the lash line in order for the lashes to look fuller but subtle enough that eyeliner is not apparent. Alternatively varying thickness eyeliner styles can be achieved with or without shading &/or a wing flick. Eyeliner treatment artists must pay careful attention to the delicate skin in the corner of the eyes.

Lip contour or lip blush treatments achieve richer lip color & greater definition. Additional color added to the lips is often considered as appearing more youthful & desirable. Dark tone lips can be neutralised & a pink or red tone developed with informed color selection. Naturally the color achieved is smudge proof & will likely remain vibrant for 2 years.

Save money:

Depending on the product range that you choose make up items can soon add up & be a big expenditure for women. Plus the products wasted which are bought to try but then discarded as not suitable. PMU can seem a big outlay initially but when compared to topical make up; the time & effort saved plus financial saving over time is guaranteed worth the investment.

Create timeless looks:

Wake up make up is a popular term; this is because whilst pmu can be performed in striking styles it is best used for timeless styles due to its longevity in the skin. Realistic natural looking feature enhancements are possible for everyday confidence & topical additional make up can be applied for occasions where bolder make up is desired. This way your pmu is completely adaptable for all outfits & occasions.

Benefits of Permanent Make up

  • Saves time and effort in applying daily makeup

  • Flawless precision application

  • Saves stress of uneven application

  • Doesn't irritate or smudge

  • Results can last for years

  • Cheaper than buying new products every few months

What to expect during the procedure?

Skin assessment:

Before the procedure, a skin assessment should be performed to make sure that permanent makeup is appropriate for you. During this assessment, the practitioner will examine your skin type and determine the best course of action.


Depending on where you are getting permanent makeup done, many practitioners will use numbing cream. It will help you with any discomfort during the procedure.

The process:

The actual process of getting permanent makeup can take anywhere from one to three hours depending on what areas you are having done. Be sure to talk to your practitioner, ask as many questions as you have before starting so that you have understanding & confidence.


Aftercare is incredibly important when it comes to permanent makeup. Make sure you follow all instructions provided by your practitioner, your aftercare routine should be fully explained to you & after care products provided.

Jemma Jarman your desired Brighton Permanent Makeup Awaits You!

Permanent makeup can be a great option for those looking to save time and money while having timeless make up looks that last. However, it is important to research and be comfortable with all aspects of the procedure before getting permanent makeup done. By understanding what to expect and following proper aftercare instructions, you can have peace of mind when deciding if this is right for you.

For anyone considering permanent makeup in Brighton, I recommend doing your research and making sure you trust the practitioner. With years of experience and a commitment to providing excellent service, I guarantee you are happy with your results! Contact me today to learn more about our services and how we can help you look and feel your best.

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