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Lady waking up smiling. She has flawless permanent make up. Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Blush


Permanent makeup in Brighton

Jemma Jarman, Permanent Makeup Artist, Brighton


Wake Up Flawless
Bespoke Permanent Makeup

Wake up feeling confident with beautiful, natural-looking permanent makeup. Permanent makeup offers a hassle-free solution for achieving flawless beauty that lasts.

Seeking a flawless, natural look that saves you time?

Look no further than Jemma Jarman, Brighton's leading innovator in permanent makeup artistry and paramedical tattooing.

  • Kiss goodbye to faded lipstick. Enhance your lips with richer colour for a naturally beautiful look.

  • Say hello to fuller, defined brows. Frame your face with brows that perfectly suit your features.

  • Effortless eyeliner that lasts all day and night. Wake up ready to go with long-lasting eyeliner that won't smudge or fade.

Imagine the time you'll save and the confidence you'll gain with permanent makeup.

Jemma is dedicated to creating customised permanent makeup solutions that cater to your unique needs and goals.


Through a collaborative approach, Jemma works closely with each client to fully grasp their desires and achieve their ideal outcome.


With Jemma, you can have complete confidence that your permanent makeup will be personalised.

A bespoke creation designed specifically for you.


Book a consultation with Jemma today and unlock a world of effortless beauty.

​​Choose any two treatments of Permanent Make Up - Eyebrows, Lips or Eyeliner for £625


Tired of reapplying makeup? Jemma offers permanent makeup for a flawless, natural look in Brighton, Sussex. Her expertise in design, detail, and symmetry attracts clients seeking long-lasting results. This two-step process builds trust and ensures you achieve your desired look.

Two Appointments for Lasting Perfection

Our permanent makeup process is designed for a natural, long-lasting look you'll love. The two-step approach ensures optimal results:

  • Initial Consultation & Application: Jemma will work with you to design the perfect shape and colour, then carefully apply the pigment. Facilitates working conservatively if you are apprehensive.

  • Perfection Appointment: After the healing process (typically 4-8 weeks), we'll make any adjustments to ensure the final results meet your expectations. Enables you to understand the process and provides confidence if you wish to go bolder.

The two-appointment approach allows for greater control and customisation. Jemma can assess how the pigment heals in your skin and make adjustments during the second session to perfectly match your expectations.

Microbladed Eyebrows Jemma Jarman Brighton

I would and do strongly recommend to anyone to get their eyebrows done and not just by anyone, by Jemma. Thank you so much for the brilliant job you have done, I can't thank you enough.

Becky Thorpe, Eyebrows

Microblading sparse eyebrows Jemma Jarman Brighton


Jemma Jarman is Brighton & Sussex's leading expert in bespoke permanent makeup treatments. Unlike a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Jemma tailors each treatment to your specific needs and preferences.

Jemma offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and paramedical tattoo treatments, including:

  • Eyebrows: Powder or Ombre Brows, Microblading or machine Hairstroke techniques

  • Eyeliner: Enhance your lash line with various permanent eyeliner styles. 

  • Lips: Lip Contouring, Lip Liner Correction, and Full Lip Blush artistry for natural-looking definition.

Jemma focuses on enhancing your natural beauty, not replicating trends. She'll guide you through the process, ensuring the final results perfectly complement your features and style.

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your bespoke permanent makeup goals.

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