• Lip Contouring & Full Lip Blush

    2 hr
    £295 - £395
  • Lash Enhancement & Eyeliner

    2 hr
    £295 - £345
  • Microblading - Hair Simulation Machine - Powdered

    2 hr
    £245 - £345

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Laser · Skin Aesthetics
10b Matlock Road
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BeckY Lee - EyEbROws


I would and do strongly recommend to anyone to get their eyebrows done and not just by anyone, by Jemma. Thank you so much for the brilliant job you have done, I can't thank you enough.

ViCKY Palmer - Lips

I’m getting married in a couple of months and cannot wait for people to see them. I would recommend Jemma to you all, a real professional.

Chris Penstone - EyeLiner

Jemma is a pro. She makes you feel comfortable, answers any questions and understands concerns you may have. My semi permanent eyeliner was a real ‘eye opener’.

Marjolijn Harvey - EYEBrows & Eyeliner

I love how Jemma is a true perfectionist and frequently stops to double check what she has done and that both eyes/brows match. I really wanted something quite subtle and natural and that is exactly what I got. I absolutely love it. Thanks Jemma!!!

Leah - EyeBROWS

The after-look is amazing! I’m instantly feeling happier and more confident without make up on, and this is due to Jemma’s skill and perfectionism.


about me.

I appreciate it can be a daunting decision deciding to have permanent make up, however it will be a hugely positive decision if you choose the correct artist to perform the skill. Knowledge, practice & care are required to ensure I deliver the very best result you desire & deserve. I have 7yrs experience specifically in Permanent Make Up my passion is realism & timeless bespoke style.

I trained intensively ‘one to one’ with Katy Jobbins; founder and head trainer at the Permanent Make Up Training Academy in Sussex. The superior training I chose has given me the desired knowledge and skill in Permanent Make Up. I am also incredibly proud to share that I achieved my Certified Cosmetic Professional status 5 years ago.  I continue to learn by closely following advancements within the industry & attending conferences around the country. I am certified, insured and empowered by the art. 

Reducing the time it takes to get ready was an influential factor in my decision to study and perfect the art of permanent make up. I wanted to maximise my rest time, minimise the appearance of fatigue & ensure my make up was always flawless.


The Beauty of Permanent Make up is that it is applied with far greater precision than any pencil or liquid could ever achieve. The finish is crisp and geometrically correct for the contours of your face. The shape, style and colour are all mutually decided; I will share my knowledge and guide you towards a timeless and individual style. I am passionate about what I do and it is paramount to me that I seek perfection with every treatment.



 Excellent Aesthetic Care UK
Semi-permanent / permanent make up

Are you interested in wake up make up which remains flawless at all times? Jemma provides natural looking make up treatments in East & West Sussex, UK.

Jemmas' design flare; attention to detail & symmetry is why so many are flocking to her Permanent Make up clinics in Brighton & Shoreham. This two part treatment facilitates trust & confidence between Jemma her clients which results in guaranteed desired outcomes.

Lash Enhancement · Eyeliner · Eyebrows microblading · Nanobrow · ombre · shading  
Lip Contour · Lip blush · lip volume

Fast becoming the destination for all Permanent Makeup Treatments in Sussex. Jemma adapts to the clients needs; offering bespoke cosmetic tattoo treatments for Eyebrows, Powder or Ombre Brow, Microblading, Eyeliner, or Lash Enhancement, otherwise referred to as Semi-Permanent Make Up, Micro - pigmentation or reconstructive tattooing.


Lip Contouring, Lip liner correction & Full Lip blush artistry is fast becoming as popular as Brow & Eyeliner requests with many seeking alternative ways to enhance & add volume to Lips without injections in Sussex & the UK


Tel: 07739757001

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